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Admins Can Now Lock Lost or Stolen Chromebooks Remotely

Enterprise/Education Chromebook admins have something worth celebrating today. A new feature added to Chrome OS and Admin Console lets them remotely “disable” Chromebooks.

After remotely disabling a Chromebook, admins can set a custom message to be displayed when the Chromebook is switched on, say, contact information for the organization or instructions to return the device.

Admins can re-enroll these devices as and when they are returned. All these management tasks are now available on the Admin Console.  Here is the official help guide with instructions.

  1. Sign in to the Admin console at https://admin.google.com.
  2. Go to Device Management > Chrome devices.
  3. In the device list, select the provisioned device(s).
  4. Click More Actions and choose Deprovision.
  5. In the warning message that appears, click Deprovision to complete the process.

What next? Well, we need this feature for personal Chromebooks as well, right? There is no news about such a thing happening yet. May be it will, may be not. Sounds like something to keep an eye out for!  

via François Beaufort

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