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Seagate’s ‘Personal Cloud’ and Acer’s New Projectors Will Support Chromecast

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Looks like CES 2015 has lots of cool stuff for us Chromies. There are these new Acer Chromebooks to kick off things, and now we have some cool Chromecast news. Read on!

Seagate Personal Cloud

Seagate has announced a few new storage devices and along with that a software + hardware offering named Seagate Personal Cloud. From their official press release:

Seagate Personal Cloud provides the accessibility of cloud storage with the peace of mind that content is stored safely at home. What differentiates these two Personal Cloud drives apart is how easily they can stream content to smartphones, set-top boxes, tablets, PCs, or televisions via the Seagate Media application. Additionally, when used in conjunction with the acclaimed Seagate Mobile Backup app and Dashboard software, Seagate Personal Cloud also serves as a central backup device for PCs, Mac computers, USB drives, iOS, and Android mobile devices.


The list of supported devices includes Chromecast as well. The accompanying application will allow us to cast content from the device, say, a Seagate external hard drive connected to the network, to the Chromecast connected TV.

Acer H7550ST Projector

Acer has added a new model, H755oST, to their portfolio of projectors, and this time, they have thrown in inbuilt Chromecast support. From Acer’s press release:

For added convenience, a hidden adapter enables data to be transferred and projected wirelessly from a smartphone, PC or Chromebook leveraging user’s own Chromecast, an Acer MWA3 MHL dongle or Acer WirelessHD, which delivers 60Hz Full HD 3D movies without having to change settings when used with an HDMI cable connected to a media player.


I am a little confused as to what is the intended use case here, but anyways more support and more features are always welcome.

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