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“Pull to Refresh” Comes to Chrome for Android

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A popular feature among mobile apps (both Android and iOS), pull to refresh is coming to Chrome for Android, letting you refresh any webpage that you are visiting, just pull and release.

This is now available on Chrome 41 Beta for Android, version 41.0.2272.34 to be specific.

Chrome for Android had recently removed the refresh button from the addressbar, saving up some space there. It took a few months for them to add the refresh function back! But yes, refresh is more easier and intuitive now. Most of the mobile users are familiar with this gesture now.


There is one small thing to note here though. I have this habit of pulling to refresh every now and then while using Facebook on my phone. If I do it on a website, it may not load as fast as an app. So, be careful while you play with this new toy!

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