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Introducing “Chrome Story”, the Flipboard Magazine

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I am an avid Flipboard fan. It is the only reason I grab my iPad mini most of the times. And just like any Flipboard fan I love their magazines. It is super easy to curate one, and flipping through those magazines is a nice experience.

As a true Flipboard (and Chrome) fan, I should have done this as soon as they released this feature, creating a Flipboard magazine for fellow chromies.

Better late than never.  Here is Chrome Story, the Flipboard Magazine. You can browse Flipboard magazines from Web, phone or tablet. I suggest you flip them from your tablet, because that’s where you get the best of the experience.


It is Not Just a Chrome Story Feed

Chrome Story, the Flipboard Magazine won’t be just another outlet for sharing content from this blog. Of course you will find posts from Chrome Story, the blog there, but there is more.

I have subscribed to a bunch of sources where I see a lot of Chrome news. There is Chrome the browser, Chromebook, Chromebox, and Chromecast. I read most of them, and I share a few stories on the blog. From scanning/reading news to writing posts, I exclude a lot of interesting posts. I am planning to share the best of those news items, through this Flipboard magazine, curated.

Then there are lot of other opinion pieces, reviews and other awesome content that other blogs and websites publish. I cannot re-post everything on my blog to share with you guys. I will curate them also into this magazine.

So, you get the idea.

Follow Now

If you use Flipboard (if you do not, you must!) go ahead follow the Chrome Story magazine from here or using the widget I have added to the sidebar here on the right. I am sure you will find some interesting content there!

Thanks and see you there!


  1. Ahmad Imran Avatar
    Ahmad Imran

    I like flipboard as well and recently started a magazine as well mainly around the Chromebook. I will check it out later today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dinsan Francis Avatar
      Dinsan Francis

      Thanks! Let me know what you think

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