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You Can Now Connect Remotely ‘To’ Your Chromebook

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Two notes before we start. First, I am talking about connecting to your Chromebook, not about connecting to your Windows or Mac from your Chromebook. Second, this feature is currently available on the Dev channel.

Now that the notes are out of our way, starting this post with a big thank you to Mark Dodsworth who sent me this news, along with a screenshot and a demo video, which is super nice! Thanks, Mark.

If you have the latest developer channel update installed on your Chromebook, you can test this without even enabling any flags. Connecting to your Chromebook from Windows works pretty much the same way as connecting from Chromebook to Windows. Here is the official help article on how to connect. I am hoping that connecting to Chromebook will be added there soon.

Now, a video demo:

Interestingly, your remotely connected Chromebook is a tab on your Chrome browser. A tab with lots of tabs inside it.


So, if you are on the Developer channel, go ahead and try this now. Otherwise, wait for this feature to show up on the stable version of Chrome OS. I am sure we will see an official blogpost when this goes live on the stable channel.

Thanks again, Mark.

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