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Chrome OS will Soon Let Users Sync Wifi Passwords Across Devices

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Here is an interesting code commit from Chromium OS repository. If I am interpreting it correctly, Chrome OS will soon have WiFi passwords added to the list of things available to Sync.

Here it is:

wifi-sync: add chrome://flags UI

Add chrome://flags UI, so that ChromeOS users can enable the
experimental WiFi credential sync feature.


I assume that this will be part of Settings sync. If you have opted to sync Settings across your devices, a WiFi password entered on one Chromebook will be synced and saved on any other device that you log in and has the same sync options selected.

This is one more step that will help your Chrome OS experience seamless. Syncing everything via the Cloud and making it available on all your devices is one of the things that Chromebooks are best at.

And that makes one more item that Chrome OS learns from the Android book of tips and tricks!

Thanks Mike McLoughlin!

  1. yep, that’s how it works – after enabling the new flag a new ‘WiFi credentials’ option appears in Chrome’s sync settings. Cool stuff 🙂

  2. Wait… I feel like my passwords are already synched acress devices, aren’t they ?

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