Thanks to Chromecast, Smartphone is the New Party-Game Controller For Your Family

Google has updated Chromecast’s software to make it a little more useful for your family time, by adding support for a bunch of games that you can play with your family.

Do not expect any heavy pro level games. The games that we are talking about are those you would consider playing, sitting together in your living room, scrabble, anyone? Chromecast uses your phone or tablet as the controller and your TV screen like a game or score board to let you play classic games like Wheel of Fortune or Hasbro’s Monopoly Dash, Scrabble Blitz, Connect Four Quads and Simon Swipe on your big screen.

The Chromecast game setup is simple. You can use your smartphone as the controller. “There’s no hassle or expense with extra controllers. Anyone with a phone or tablet can join in on any of these games, so download these apps from the Play Store or App Store so all your family and friends can shake it, show off their smarts or just play.”



Happy Chromecast time everyone!

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