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Session Buddy – A Session Manager Extension for Chrome

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Session Buddy is a session manager extension for Chrome. I am not sure if everyone here will need something like this, but I am sure this is going to be really useful for those who work in certain environment.  Especially engineers and web developers.


Here is the official features list:

  • View and save the state of all open browser tabs in the current or past browser sessions.
  • Quickly restore your tabs and resume your web surfing after a browser or system crash.
  • Edit the sessions you’ve saved and restore them into the desired set of windows at any time.
  • Create a session from a list of URLs and export sessions to text or CSV format.
  • Consolidate sessions and eliminate duplicate tabs with ease.


Sounds like something you’ll need?  Download from here.

  1. downforce Avatar

    This is a great tool but it really needs a sync option so I can sync bookmark sets between browsers (e.g. home & work).

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