Chromebooks Get Option to ‘Downgrade’ The Operating System

Here is a cool new feature added to the latest Dev channel version of Chrome OS; the ability to downgrade Chrome OS to a previous version. François Beaufort explains:

Let’s say you update to a version of Chrome OS that doesn’t work well for you and you’re kinda sad. Until now, you either had to wait for the next update or go through the recovery process. Bummer.

But it’s over. Open the Chrome OS Settings, scroll to the very bottom, click on the “Powerwash” button and restart to reset your device to be just like new.

Once you are on the Powerwash page,  on the reset screen, press  <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Alt> + R simultaneously to reveal the brand new “Powerwash and Revert” button.

Update: This does not seem to be working anymore. (17-MAR-2020)

This will force your Chromebook to revert to the previously installed version of Chrome OS and perform a Powerwash and reboot. When the Chromebook boots up again, you will have the previous version of OS installed.

Cool uh? Pretty useful if and when Chrome OS team pushes something breaks your browsing experience a little here and there.

The team is calling this feature “Rollback”. We do not have any official help article on this subject yet, so we will have to wait for more details about this new feature. I am really tempted to test this feature, but I am going to wait.

What about you? Want to test this?

via François Beaufort

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