Chrome to Add a New User Type Combining Regular and Supervised Features

According to a code commit that my friend Craig Tumblison and I noticed and analyzed today, the Chrome team is adding a new type of users to Chrome and Chrome OS. Something that combines features of regular and supervised users.

We couldn’t find a lot about this feature reading though the comments in the code, but here is what we have for now (Apart from the exciting news that such a thing is happening!)

“New user type introduced. Combines regular and supervised features.”

Well, that’s pretty much it. Really. If you read between comments in the code, there are mentions of “users have user
133 // USER_TYPE_RETAIL_MODE, USER_TYPE_KIOSK_APP, USER_TYPE_GUEST and 133 // cloud policy.” that was added to the existing code to for this new feature.

So, all we can say for now is, there is a new type of users coming, they will have features borrowed from both regular users and supervised users. Will this continue to exist as a third option or replace the Supervised User set up that we have now?

We will have to for that.

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