Samsung Adds Live Video Support for Chromebooks

Remember this video support feature that showed up on Chrome OS Help app back in August? Samsung has made this feature available in beta to Chromebook users in the US.

If you have Samsung Chromebook, open up the Help app and look at the bottom left for “Contact Samsung (Beta)”. This will take you to the Contact Samsung Support page.


Samsung support team will be available to provide assistance to US customers between Monday and Friday, 10 Am to 7 Pm Eastern Time. (It shows offline to me, may be because I am not in the USA.)

Chrome OS is getting support for accepting remote connections to allow support technicians to access your Chromebook and troubleshoot or show you around.  This sounds like an awesome combination for the Live Support feature.

Anyways, I will wait for someone from the US to try this out and provide feedback on how it goes.

Question: Will other OEMs follow Samsung adding live support?

via OMG Chrome.

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