Right Click And Pin Your Google Drive Folders on Your Chromebook’s Files App

Here is a quick tip from Karl Gingerich for heavy Google Drive users on Chromebook, you can right click any folder  inside your Google Drive account and create a shortcut for easy access.

You can do this for your sub-folders too, which makes this feature even more useful. If you have a folder that you frequently access, but is couple of levels deep (like I do most of the times;  Documents > Home > Bills > April, that kind of stuff) this is going to help you a lot.

Just right click any Google Drive folder from the side bar of Files app, and select “Create Shortcut”. For now, that is the only option available when you right click, so do not worry about choosing the correct option!

Try it! and let me know if you liked it!

Thank you! Karl Gingerich!

  1. That’s cool, but I usually use Drive instead of the Files app, and Drive doesn’t appear to let you do that. No big, since if you’re in Drive you’ve got the Bookmarks Bar to add shortcuts to.
    I wish the Files app would catch up with Drive on the web in appearance. You can set it up to show your files as thumbnails as in Drive, but you have no folder color coding (that I’ve found), and overall, it just doesn’t feel as good to use it.
    I do occasionally look at Files to see if any progress has been made, but I just have to keep going back to Drive to get my fix.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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