Polarr Photo Editor is a Powerful Photo Retouching App That Works Offline Too

Polarr Photo Editor Chrome App is an offline version of Polarr’s online service. The Chrome app does not have all the features that the online version offers, but yet, this is a powerful photo retouching tool for a Chromebook.

Let me tell you this up front: Support for RAW image files is promised in a future version. That’s cool, isn’t it?

Here is the official feature list to start with:

Polarr Photo Editor is the most powerful, versatile, and elegant photo editing tool in the browser. Polarr can read and write large JPEG files up to 30MP and load a large quantity of photos in one session. Features include adjustments for color temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows, clarity, HSL channels, curves, distortions, vignette, local adjustments, adding watermark and signature and more.

Comparing with most of the other image editing Chrome apps available today, this one has a pretty neat list. There are lots of nice effects you can choose from and also customization controls for these effects which we rarely see on Chrome apps at this stage.

It worked a little slow on my Chromebook, but this may be because it is an old Samsung Series 5 550. I would love to hear about your experience with one of those new Chromebooks.

To give it a try, download from here.

Thanks Tyson Kemp

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