Palettab Puts Interesting Fonts and Color Schemes On Chrome’s New Tab Page

This one is going to be a designers’ favorite. This Chrome extension puts awesome color schemes from on your New Tab Page, along with nice web fonts. And yes, this is designer beautifully.

Palettab is a chrome extension to help you discover new fonts and awesome color collections every time you hit the new tab button.

The colors and fonts take up most of the space on the new tab page. There is just a refresh button on the top, to view more interesting stuff, or just browse away and you’ll get a new one when you open the new tab page next time.

The only thing I would love to see change is this. We spend just a fraction of a second on the new tab page before typing in a URL. If the extension keeps one set of colors and fonts pre-loaded, it will make a better experience.

This is a fun discovery project by Tim and Claudio. (Good job guys!)

Download the extension from here.

  1. Very useful and pretty! I’d recommend Muzli too. 🙂

    1. Link? Think I have already covered it?

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