The New Samsung Chromebook 2 is Tough, Has Aluminum Reinforcement

Remember I was not really impressed with the Samsung Chromebook 2? Well, here is a piece of info about these Chromebooks that might slightly change my opinion.

Samsung Chromebook 2 is built for schools and students and has extra-sturdy chassis to protect the rough handling.

Here are some highlights from this PC World article:

Nearly 1.4 million Samsung Chromebooks are deployed in U.S. schools, but these devices were designed for casual users, not rambunctious children. Samsung product manager David Ng admitted his company “needed to make the device more durable” for the education market. Aluminum reinforces the display panel, the corners of the chassis, and other vulnerable points. “Just try flexing the LED panel,” Ng dared me. I did: It’s quite stiff, though the thick bezel is ugly. Nevertheless, this level of build quality should help the device’s retail reputation as well.

The USB ports have electrostatic shock protection to help them survive repeated plugging and unplugging of devices.

The official Samsung page for this Chromebook has two videos showing off the device, and the second one shows a teardown.

Think this is something that you might want to buy? This Chromebook is expected to be released on October 20. You can pre-order it here.

Thanks, Alvin Chin for the official product page link.

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