Here is the Material Design Default Wallpaper for Chromebooks [Download]

So, this is what happens soon after Google announces a new version of Android, we start looking for/sharing the default wallpapers from the upcoming release. We indulge in this first taste of the future Android version, while waiting for carriers or OEMs to release an update for our phone or tablet.

Looks like we can do that for Chrome OS today.

A Material Design makeover of Chrome OS is something we all are waiting for. If they are planning to release it along with Android 5.0, we should be seeing this sometime in November. But for now, download this wallpaper and enjoy!

1366 X 800 Resolution

2560 X 1700 Resolution

BTW, no surprises here, it looks a lot like the default wallpapers that Google ship with Android 5.0.

Source: Chromium via OMG Chrome.

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