Google Releases New Hangouts for Chrome with Chat Heads

This one looks more like the Facebook Messenger for Desktop. Really.

Google released a new Hangouts app for Chrome today, which looks better and works better, provided you like chat heads.  This is not an upgrade to the existing Hangouts app, but a new app altogether.

Now, do not jump into any conclusions about chat heads comparing it with your experience on the phone. I have disabled Facebook’s chat heads feature on my phone. I did not like it. However, when it is on my Chromebook where I have enough screen space to spare for chat heads and chat windows, this is a different experience, and I have started liking it.

Here is a video demo!

You can download and install it from here. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

  1. I really hate Hangouts, especially in Gmail. I prefer the old chat because of the call phone feature. The day they disable that is likely the day I disable Hangouts altogether and begin using another service. I’m really disappointed that I can’t use the 64-bit version of the Chrome browser, where the call phone feature no longer works. This new version is a messy clusterf*ck. What a shame.

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