“Easy Unlock” The “Unlock Your Chromebook When Phone is Near” Thing Goes Live for Android 5.0 Users

Easy Unlock, the Chrome OS + Android feature that unlocks your Chrome OS devices when your Android phone is near, has started working for some users.

For now, we know that Dan Campbell, who has an Android Lollipop 5.0 phone and a Chromebook with Dev channel on it has tested this successfully.

Here are some screenshots:

The Dev channel of Chrome OS has this enabled by default now. There is a flag to disable this if you want to (which of course will go away sometime in the future).

Now, we are left with questions. When will this launch for everyone. Will there be an app, or is this part of the Android 5.0 operating system? If it is, will that make this Android 5.0 and up only?

Source: Dan Campbel via OMG Chrome.

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