Chrome Gets a New Extension API to Support Third Party VPN Clients

Chromebooks at work? VPN is going to be a big part of that deal. Chrome OS has inbuilt support for VPN, yes, but the team is planning to extend this with a new extension API that will add support for third party VPN clients.

I am not sure if this API is going to give us new Chrome  VPN Apps, or if this is to add support for regular VPN clients to work with Chrome and Chrome OS.

Here is from a recent commit log:

Add new extension API for VPN This CL adds a new extension API that can be used to implement VPN clients by third party. BUG=407541

I couldn’t get my hands on anything further, say, a design document explaining the whole API. The bug referred in this commit gives me forbidden error. Things might be in early stages at the moment, and hopefully we will see more about this feature pretty soon.

Hope to see more Chromebooks in offices!


  1. This is exciting news. I’ve been waiting for a more robust VPN solution on Chromebooks forever. I’m hoping to one day be able to use VPN from the chromebook with RDP and connect into my PC at work. They frown on using the standard Chrome Remote Desktop

  2. My ONLY gripe with CHROMEBOOK is the lack of support for PROXPN vpn.

    Can’t come soon enough to suit me.


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