Meet Google Stars aka Chrome Bookmarks 2.0

Remember Google Stars? It was recently leaked online, the whole extension itself. I finally managed to get this Chrome extension installed and take a tour of this revamped Chrome Bookmarks.

It looks awesome.

More than the looks, there is another thing that I am excited about. I have collected a lot of bookmarks on Chrome during my 5 years with it. Google Stars will put this online, organized, searchable and sharable. Organizing happens automatically, so all you have to do is keep adding items to your Star.

Once the extension is installed, you get to see a star icon on the omnibar to bookmark the current page. When you are on a page that is already bookmarked, or starred, the star is active, displayed in yellow. Your bookmarks are arranged in folders and subfolders, just like you always had, just a bit easier to manage.

Some of the articles about this new product called this Google’s Pinterest + Evernote. We have to wait for the web version of Google Stars to see how true that claim is.

Now, some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

Can’t wait to see this fully functional, with the online interface and other features they are hiding from us!

  1. what did you do to get it installed? I found I could no longer side load the app when I tried last week

    1. I Googled for the installation file. Sideloading worked for me on dev channel, Chromebook. Try enabling Developer mode.

  2. I want to know if it will synchronize with Google bookmarks. Nobody ever mentions that service. It’s web based and has been around for years. Most of my bookmarks are stored there in folders.

    1. Not sure if both will be combined, but I think you can import them to the new service somehow.

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