Google Might Add Live Chat Support for Chromebooks Users

Charlton Trezevant, a Chromebook user, noted something intereting on the pre-installed “Get Help” app on his Chromebook. On the bottom left corner it said “Questions? Contact Us Beta”. When clicked, the link opened a hangouts chat session with a Chromebook support agent.

From an email that he sent to OMG Chrome:

The button does work, and there are live people on the other side, however, I haven’t had a full session with them either. I sort of hurriedly clicked through to see if the feature actually worked, then closed the hangout. The tech did follow up via email, which I’ll attach at the bottom of this message.”


This might be the extension of “Chromebook Ninja” support that Google offers via email and we will soon see live chat support added to this offering. Since this is Hangouts that we are talking about, there will be the option to share desktop and get quick troubleshooting from a live person.

That being said, I am skeptical about this thing. Can Google afford to offer live chat support to anyone who buys a Chromebook, with all that new millions expected to come onboard in comng months?

Or, is this a paid service, available to schools and businesses only? That sounds more convincing to me. Companies will love to have live chat support available at the ready.

We’ll have to wait and watch. Really.

via OMG Chrome.

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