Chrome Profile Management System Gets an Update, Looks A Lot Like Chrome OS Now

Google has updated the Chrome User Management making it look and work almost like Chrome OS. This is currently available only on developer channel and the Canary build, but do not worry, you all are going to get this update in coming weeks!

Update: You do not need Canary build to test this. Open chrome://flags and look for “profile” and enable the flag (chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management) and restart chrome. ( Thanks Guillaum Gibault)

So, what are we talking about here?

In the background, it is the same profile management system that we always had. However, the design and the UX has been updated to match Chrome OS. This is more evident when you switch user accounts. The first time you launch this, there will be a quick guided tour to explain the whole new set up to you.

Now, some screenshots to show you how it looks like:

Look for this in your next Chrome update!


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