This Chrome Extension Exports Google Docs to WordPress Posts

I know that not many of you will need this extension, but as a blogger and WordPress fan, it is my duty to post about this extension :). Meet Send to WordPress, a Chrome extension that helps you send articles written on Google Docs to your WordPress blog.

Once the extension is installed, you can create a new WordPress post from a Google document by right clicking one or more documents and selecting“Open with” -> “Send to WordPress.” It’s that easy. And yes, all the formatting and images are preserved.

As a one time set up, you will need to enter details of your WordPress blog, including the password. You have the option to send the post to save as a draft or to publish immediately. You can also elect to use your theme’s text styles and add images as attachments. The images are uploaded to the media library of your WordPress blog.


I am worried about the additional classes etc that the extension might added to the article (almost like copy pasting from an MS Word document, or may be cleaner than that) You can always clean it up from the WordPress post editor, but that’s going to be time consuming.


This extension does not offer much functionality than the WordPress editor, (you don’t always need a full wordprocessor for blogging btw). So, how does this help you? As Sarah Gooding of WP Tavern noted, you can write posts, edit and organize them even when you are offline, or cannot access your blog.

If you are a WordPress user and Chrome fan, checkout this extension from here.

Source: WP Tavern, my favorite WordPress news source.

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