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Chrome Admin Console Now Lets You Push or Manage Bookmarks Remotely

Admin Console, a control panel available to those who have subscribed the Chromebook + Apps package got an update the other day bringing in new bookmarks management features.

Administrator in schools and enterprises can now add or manage bookmarks on  enrolled Chromebooks and even Chrome / Chrome for Android.

Here is the official description of the feature from the help article

Allows you to push a list of bookmarks for the convenience of users on Chrome on all platforms including mobile devices. On Chrome Devices and Chrome on Desktop, the bookmarks will appear in a folder on Chrome’s bookmark bar. The user cannot modify the contents of this folder, but can choose to hide it from the bookmark bar. On Chrome Mobile, this also appears as a folder within Bookmarks.

If you are an admin with access to the Admin Console, go to your Admin Console at https://admin.google.com, navigate to the Chrome Management section and search for “Managed Bookmarks” to see them.

It is more like the set of bookmarks that you get pre-installed in computers managed by your company, if you such an experience. Now, we  need to wait and see if Google has something innovative planned for these too!

PS: Is this a side project of people who worked on the new Chrome bookmarks aka Google Stars?

Via François Beaufort


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