AllCast Receiver for Chrome Gets Android Screen Mirroring

AllCast Receiver for Chrome is an app that makes your Chromebook or any computer with Chrome a Chromecast receiver. The recent update to this app has added screen mirroring.  Exciting to 23k plus users who have installed this app, and super exciting to those who do not own a Chromecast yet!

Also, the free version gets rid of that pesky 10-minute streaming limit to Chromecasts . The developer, Koushik Dutta has replaced that limitation with a watermark.

The update also brings new features like “Recent” section for recently watched content,  a new transcoding engine, improved proxy server for devices like the Roku etc.

You can download the Chrome App from here. If you do not have AllCast for Android installed, download it from here.

  1. Does it REALLY work on Chromebooks? Anyone tried? last week it was non functional. Did you just assume?

    1. Well, the app description says it works on anything Chrome. But yes, I tried on my Chromebook,it doesnt seem to work.

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