Oculus and Cardboard VR on Chrome Anyone?

Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality, and Cardboard VR. There is a lot of talk going on around these topics. Now, let’s add web and Chrome into this mix because developers are already making progress with these new geeky gadgets and technologies on the web.

Googler Brandon Jones has announced that he’s working on a way to add virtual reality support for Oculus Rift and Cardboard into Chrome. And looks like Mozilla is also working on similar features for Firefox. Mozilla’s Vlad writes:

Today, we want to take some of the first steps in finding an answer to this question. We are adding native support for VR devices to early experimental builds of Firefox so that Web developers can start experimenting with adding VR interactivity to their websites and content. This is only the first of many steps that well be taking over the coming weeks and months.

WebVR in Chrome

From Brandon Jones’s blog. (which you MUST read if you are a developer interested in this technology)

Currently, the builds support the Oculus Rift, and I’m going to be looking at adding support for Cardboard’s SDK as well, and I’m happy to look at other VR solutions as well assuming that they have an open-source SDK. I should also mention that this is a side project for me. My normal responsibilities of making WebGL even more awesome take precedence, and so I can’t promise timely integration of every cool VR gadget that hits the market.

All the tech talks apart, we are going to see VR in our browsers assisted by real devices and cardboards pretty soon. I really need two days vacation to let that information sink in before I start imagining up the web with that.

via Engadget.com.

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