Handwriting Recognition Mode Comes to Chromebooks

As part of the on-screen keyboard, Chrome OS now has a nifty handwriting recognition mode thanks to the Googe Input Tools API. This is an experimental feature for now, available only on the developer channel, Google’s François Beaufort says.

One more thing. Since this uses the Google Input API as I said earlier, this will work only when you are online. At least for now. To try this out now, if you are on the developer channel, follow these steps:

  1. Enable on-screen keyboard on the Accessibility Settings.
  2. Once the On-screen keyboard is visible, tap or click thekey and pick the handwriting mode.

Now, don’t ask me why we need this mode in Chrome OS, and what kind of devices that we are going to see in the future. There isn’t any information available yet, and my imagination doesn’t help me much here 🙂 If you have some wild ideas, please drop in a comment!

For now, try it out, and have some fun!

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