Chrome Remote Desktop App to Get Video Recording Capabilities

Chromoting is a Chrome feature or platform that allows remote connection between computers running Chrome. A new code commit that I found today in Chromium suggests that the team is working on video recording capabilities for this app, allowing users to record videos while in a Chromoting session.

Before I tell you about those things, please note that these are assumptions based on just a few lines of information available from the code. Features might change or completely disappear when developers tweak things in the future.

Here is the complete log:

Add video frame recording capability to Chromoting hosts.

This will be used to record sequences of video frames for real-world sessions, for performance-evaluation purposes.

If the host is run with a video-recording buffer size specified then it will advertise a videoRecorder capability to clients. Clients seeing this capability can send “video-recorder” extension messages to the host to start and stop recording, and to fetch the next recorded frame.

Frames are encoded to VideoPackets using the “verbatim” encoder, and must then be serialized and Base-64 encoded for transmission via the extension message protocol.

See for the client part of this.

And yes, I went to the bug that they are use to track the client side of this:

Add a Record button to the web-app if the host supports video recording.

Video recording allows sequences of frames to be recorded and delivered to the client for performance-evaluation purposes. The client can save recorded sequences out to files on disk. Since live playback is not a requirement, performance of the implementation is not a priority.

My first concern is this line from the log: ” This will be used to record sequences of video frames for real-world sessions, for performance-evaluation purposes.” Does this mean that this is not a prime time feature that they are planning to roll out, but a debugging tool to analyze performance?

Second, the place where the video is stored. When you are connecting to my computer from yours and hit Record, the video is recorded and stored on my computer, not yours. This may be a security feature, or may be something else.

Dedicated “Voice” Section in Settings

Another little piece of news for you. In coming weeks, you will see a dedicated “Voice” section in Chrome settings. Here is the log message:

Creates new chrome:settings section, ‘Voice’.

Moves hotwording checkbox to new ‘Voice’ section.

Does this mean, more voice related features to Chrome OS? More features that we already use and love on Android?


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