Chrome OS Video Player is Getting Chromecast Support

Platform integration all the way!

Google wants Chrome OS, Android and the Chromecast ecosystems to work together, in most cases look similar too. At Google I/O 2014, we saw many announcements in this direction. This is a rather small step in that direction, but I am sure of finding many fans in the Chromebook community for this feature.

The Chrome OS video player was separated from the Files app and made a stand-alone app recently. This was said to make the video player better, and add more features. So, here you have one, Chromecast support.

The code commit I found today talks about adding a flag to this upcoming feature. The feature itself is yet to be added to Chrome OS  (or Chromium OS for now). A few more weeks before it shows up in development channel.

Here is the commit log:

Video Player: Add a flag to support chromecast

This patch just adds the flag. The implementation will be committed later.

The next thing that I want to hear about is Gallery App getting Chromecast support. A few more weeks maybe? What do you think?


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