Chrome OS Overview Mode Gets Search Filter

Remember the Chrome OS overview mode? the OSX Expose-like view? The team has added a text filter option here to help those with too many tabs and apps open.

This is currently available in the developer channel and working well. When you are on the Overview mode, start typing the name of the app or title of the tab to filter it from the open tabs. The matching tiles will be highlighted and the rest dimmed.

Oh, and if you have never tried the Overview mode, press the []|| key or swipe down from the top to bottom with three fingers on your trackpad or touchscreen and start to type what you’re looking for. Here is how it looks like:

This may not be really useful if you have less tabs open, say, under 6. However when you have too many windows/apps open, this feature will defnitely come handy.

via François Beaufort

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