Cheaper Chromebooks with MediaTek Processors Incoming?

According to François Beaufort of Google, a new experimental ARM Cortex A7 board named Moose has recently been added to the open-source Chromium OS repository by MediaTek.

MediaTek processors are comparatively cheaper. Most tech blogs who reported this news expect Chromebooks with VERY attractive prices soon, something around $150 – $200, some say.

And yes, this comes with some trade-offs as well. Low-end processor (most of the times) means  sluggish performance. We have seen this many times on phones and tablets. I remember a friend buying a very cheap Android tablet, and the Setting app crashed each time he launched it. Of course, this was before Android Kit Kat which tuned the OS for low-end hardware, and the company that made that tablet can also be blamed.

Cheaper Chromebooks is a good news, but I will always prefer a good Chromebook to a cheap Chromebook. I am sure there will be a lot of Chromies thinking the same way.

If Google can optimize Chrome OS to run on MediaTek processors reasonably well, that will be good. Really good. Since we are talking only about an experimental board, which may or may not make it to an actual Chromebook, it may well be Google just testing this processor family to see if a Chromebook running on it is practical.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait and watch!

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