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Google Announces “Backdrop”, Android Mirroring and Other New Features for Chromecast

Chrmecast got a few minutes on the Google I/O 2014 Keynote Address, and the team had some beautiful new features to announce in that short time. Here is a few of of them!

Backdrop – Share Photos and More on Chromecast

One of the most exciting features announced for Chromecast today is Backdrop. It uses your Chromecast connected TV for displaying beautiful pictures from the web or from your Google Plus photos when you are not using the TV for casting.

You can choose what photos you want to see using categories you like (Art, Places, Lifestyle, and others) or show your own personal photos. This feed is synced with your phone, and if you ask your phone “What is on my Chromecast” it will display useful information regarding what you see on the screen, say, title of the painting and the artist, etc. 

This feature is open to developers as well, and we will see more applications using this to cast content to the TV when it is idle. I am too sleepy to think of examples now!

This is coming to Chromecast later this Summer.

Android Mirroring

This is a feature that everyone always wanted, and AllCast app got working. Now, Chromecast officially supports Android mirroring. This means you can cast the screen of your Android phone or tablet to your TV. With one click, the whole experience will be transformed.

I want to mirror my Android phone to my TV, fire up camera and shoot stream video from the road. FUN it is. But it is not just fun, when you can cast all of your Android screen to your TV. It is much more than “useful” too!

Coming soon to major Android devices.

Cast from Outside The Same Wifi Network

Chromecast works based on the Wifi network that it  connected to, and in sync with devices connected to the same network. With a future update, this will change. Slightly.

Google is planning to make it possible to pair devices outside the Wifi network using a pin displayed on the Chromecast screen, so that even your friends visiting you can send content to your Chromecast, without you sharing your Wifi password with them.

Exiciting!! My most favorite part of the whole kynote!

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