Android Notifications Sync to Bring Incoming Calls and Text Notifications to Chromebooks

At Google I/O 2014 today, Android moved few more blocks towards Chrome OS, making them close neighbors. Chromebook will soon display notifications from Android devices.

Google demoed Chromebooks displaying incoming calls and text messaging notifications from Android phones. I am not sure if Google is planning to open up this notification mirroring to all apps, because there was no mention of such sharing. The demo had only incoming calls, texts and battery low notifications.

Along with that, Googe officially announced proximity unlock for Chomebooks. We have talked about this feature in the past, and this is already available on the Chrome OS developer channel, but not functional yet. They did not have a demo of this as well, so I think it is still in the early stages of development. When you have this ready, all you have to do is place your phone next to your Chromebook, and it will unlock and login to all your apps automatically on your Chromebook.

More Googe I/O posts in the making, pending some coffee.

  1. Hmmm….stepping on Airdroid and Pushbullet toes. This should be interesting.

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