Android Apps on Your Chromebooks? Almost There, Says Google

Being a Chrome OS and Android fan, this should have been my first blogcpost today. But for some reason, I was skeptical about this. Google did demo Android apps working on a Chromebook. But they gave it only a minute or so. So I do not think we will run Android applications on Chromebooks anytime soon. But yes, Google did say that they want Android app to work on Chromebooks too in the future, ad they are working on this and making progress.

The demo showed Vine, Evernote and Flipboard (FLIPBOARD guysssss!!) Android apps working natively on a Chromebook Pixel. The apps can access local hardware so you can record a Vine from your Chromebook’s camera and do things like that.

More me, the demo looked promising if not exciting for now. I am sure there is  LOOOT of hard work going on behind those efforts, and I appreciate that. Patience is what I need now.

PS: Too excited to see Flipboard working natively on a Chromebook. I would really really love to have it on my Chromebook too! I actually did search the Chrome Web Store for that app. But no luck 🙁

  1. Is it really Android apps? Or simply Chrome Apps?

    Because I think that some Android apps will simply be ported to Chrome Apps Mobile and simply be converted to Chrome Apps Desktop. With responsive design etc…

    Google is maybe focusing on building tools to ease the development of Chrome Apps in general.

    1. Actually, they did not say anything clearly. May be they are unsure of its future. Something like, they figured out a way to port them, but not an easy way yet to open it up for all the developers and ask them to port.

      I think Google just need to wait for the Chrome OS platform to develop and become more popular, and developers will organically come flocking, with their Chrome version of the app.

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