New HP Chromebook 11 Looks Like a Mini Chromebook 14

Lachlan in Australia bought an HP Chromebook 11 online and got a unit that looked different. Well, not very different, because it looked just like the Chromebook 14.

In other words, they made it look like a mini Chromebook 14. Here is how it looks like:

In the specs department, both Chromebooks are the same:

  • 11.6″ HD LED Display
  • Exynos 5 Dual (5250)
  • 16GB SSD
  • 2GB RAM

But there are a few differences as well (apart from the design of course). The new Chromebook 11 is slightly heavier and Lachlan thinks that the display is also different, because the viewing angles are not that great, so it may not be the same IPS panel that we see on regular Chromebook 11.

Now, here is the unboxing and hands-on video for you:

I am assuming that this is a new version of HP Chromebook 11. It is not yet announced, but there is an official HP page for this product. Here are some official pictures:

Note: The above images are from the Australian site, and the prices are in Australian Dollars.

via OMG Chrome

  1. I’ve gotta go on record and say. this is such a overpriced piece of c***….
    inferior specs with a premium price tag. seriously, hp? how are you going to justify that price tag? 2GB + presumably cheap low-res TN panel + fugly exterior design for $399?? are they on crack? it’d better get a 16hr battery life to show that all the cost went into the battery capacity….

  2. Wow that’s nice but 400 bucks for a chromebook that’s internally identical to the HP 11 but doesn’t come with an IPS panel? Not worth it really. Still, a nice find!

  3. Hp makes nice stuff but their pricing is way off
    and no hdmi on the 11 inch for 399 forget it I rather buy a chromebox

  4. Guys, those prices are in Australian Dollors. I took these images from HP Australia website.

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