Intel and Google Announce Chromebooks with the new “Bay Trail” Chips

In a VERY boring event, Google and Intel announced Chromebooks that OEMs have already announced. Along with it however, Intel added that their Baytrail processors are going to bring in a refreshed lineup of existing offerings.

Intel Bay Trail is the code name for a line of Atom processors manufactured by Intel.They succeeded the Clover Trail line and were Intel’s first Atom processors based on x86-64, the 64-bit implementation of the x86 architecture. Bay Trail chips are faster and thinner than their predecessors and run the Ivy Bridge graphics processing unit (GPU) to improve graphics processing.

All the existing OEMs will be adding Baytrail based Chromebooks. Most importantly, the upcoming Asus Chromebooks are Baytrail powered.

One of the interesting additions here is the Intel made reference design Chromebook for education market, with a Baytrail chip, and a camera like the Oppo phone, which can be flipped to take photos or use as a webcam as usual.

CTL, Intel’s OEM partner, will be bringing to one of the first Chromebooks based on this design to the market later this year. Here is how this Chromebook looks like.

They also announced that the new Chromebooks chips use “conflict free minerals” as part of an Intel effort to reduce the amount of raw material sourced from conflict zones ruled by warlords. Really impressive, and one of the very few things that made this event worth watching.

PS: The Lenovo lady up there on the stage was … hmm… a wrong choice? I put my headphone down every time she spoke. Sorry!

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