Chromebooks to Get Android Like Device Management to Locate, Lock and Erase Remotely

From the book of Androids, Google is adding a nifty feature to Chrome OS devices. You will soon be able to locate, lock and remotely erase contents of your Chromebooks.

According to Google’s own François Beaufort this feature has been added to development channel of Chrome OS, but behind  a command line flag. But this is not functional yet, he adds.

Here is the official commit log:

Add a command line switch –enable-consumer-management.

Add a security section and a consumer management enroll button in the settings
page and make it hidden behind the command line switch.

Rename the original security section in the settings page to “certificates”, as
that is what it is.

This feature is still a work in progress, and even if you switch to development channel, enable developer mode, and add this command line flag, all you are going to get is the feature listed in the Settings page. I am going to wait for the next dev channel release to try this out.

Once this is ready, you will be able login to a web page and manage your Chromebook remotely, just like your Android phone. I am assuming that the location tracking will not be as accurate as the Android devices, since we do not have GPS module on Chromebooks.

We will have to wait just few more weeks to see the whole thing action. Stay tuned!

  1. You made a spelling error in the titel

    1. Thanks.. I fixed it 🙂

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