Chrome Apps Can Now Open Local Files On Your Mac

News for Chrome users on OSX. Chrome apps will soon be able to open local files on Mac. This feature is already available on Chrome Canary for Mac François Beaufort says.

To try this, download Chrome Canary for OSX, enable the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-apps-file-associations flag and restart your browser. Here is an example screenshot:

The Chrome extension Text can be assigned to edit documents. Images are also supported for now, but we are not sure about what other file types are planned. Here is the official commit log:

This enables file associations behind a flag in chrome://flags. This flag will be
used in future for file associations on Windows and Linux.

If I am reading this correct, we will soon see this feature on Windows and Linux.

Prepare Chrome apps to handle more and more file types, and enable Chrome to work with local files. You get where Google is going with this? Not very far from now in the future, we might use a Chrome as default program for a bunch of file types, ignoring other traditional apps.

Cant wait!

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