Do You Want Chrome To Save All Your Passwords Automatically In The Background?

If you have opted to save your passwords, Chrome will show a “password save bubble” whenever you login to a website. This gives you control over what Chrome should save, and what it shouldn’t. What if you usually hit Save Password 99% of the time? Can we skip this password save bubble, and let Chrome save your password automatically in the background?

The Chrome team is prepping  such a feature. Skip the password prompt and save passwords automatically, comment on this recent bug report says.

Once this feature is enabled, Chrome will save all your passwords in the background, and sync (if sync is on, of course) across all your devices.

What about passwords that you do not want Chrome to remember? You can always go to the Settings menu and delete unwanted passwords. Yes, this needs a little bit of housekeeping from your side to make sure that you do not save passwords that are really critical.

Also, ensure that this feature is turned off on Chrome installations that you use on computers other than your personal computer, for example Chrome on your work computer.

Stay tuned for more news on this!


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