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Making Chrome Bookmark Apps Look Better

Have you used the drag-and-drop method to create apps out of your bookmarks? (They are just glorified bookmarks but for those who love using Chrome apps menu, it is a pretty useful feature.). If you did, you would have noticed that they don’t look that pretty on the apps menu.

The Chrome team is doing something to make them look better, taking a cue from the Gmail app for smartphones.

Gmail for Android displays the profile picture of the sender as a thumbnail, yes, but have you noticed what happens when there is no picture available? They display the first letter of the name as if it was an icon. Like this:

The Chrome team is planning something similar. For example, if you make a bookmark app for Chrome Story, the icon will say “C” and the background color will be the prominent color of the favicon.

Here is the full commit log:

Implement new bookmark app icon generation.

This CL changes the generation of bookmark apps to create an icon that
consists of the favicon’s dominant color as a background with the first
letter of the app’s domain painted over it.

The letter is either black or white depending on the luminance of the

This CL also turns on generation of 2x icons for 32 and 48 px icons.

via Chromium Code.

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