“Enjoy Music Player” Combines Local and Online Music on Your Chromebook

Enjoy Music Player is a music player app for Chromebook, (and Chrome on your PC or Mac) with a difference. It brings together your local music and music from the web. It is a music player, and a search engine and an aggregator. You can even use your phone to control the music.

My favorite though is the way they display the album art. You MUST check out this application at least for this one.

Official Description:

With Enjoy Music Player, you can play local and online music easily. Also, you can search music and display lyrics as the music playing. You can use your phone to control Enjoy music player,  just stayed in bed and enjoy your music 


  • You get to play your local music yes.
  • You can search music available online
  • There is a “Trending” section with popular songs
  • Browse through Geners to for your stuff
  • You can configure to use your phone to control music. There is a QR code icon next to Settings (top right corner) Click the icon to get started.

The app has  sending anonymous usage data enabled by default which is not cool. You might want to check these in Settings if you are privacy conscious.

Otherwise, an app worth trying. And yes, it is constantly updated and maintained well.

Install the Enjoy Music Player from here.

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