Chromebooks to Get MTP Mount Support. Ready to Connect Android Devices as USB Storage?

This. just. happened.

Chromebook users have been complaining about missing a direct way to transfer files between their Android devices and Chromebooks. There were AidDroiding and other workarounds, but we were not satisfied. But this morning, I noticed a code commit that will add MTP mount support to the Chrome OS Files app. With this change, users can connect Android phones and other MTP supported storage devices to manage files using a Chromebook.

Message from the actual commit.

Mount MTP devices in Chrome OS

This CL
* Adds new filesystem type kFileSystemTypeDeviceMediaAsFileStorage,
which is handled by chromeos::FileSystemBackend.
It uses DeviceMediaAsyncFileUtil, so the implementation is
shared with MTP support in mediaGalleries API (MediaFileSystemBackend).

We need different types since we need different handlings.
(Permission management for file handler extensions, unlimited CopyOrMoveValidator
for allowing non-media files, etc.)

* Adds monitoring by storage_monitor::RemovableStorageObserver in
file_manager::VolumeManager so that MTP device is detected and
mounted to the file manager.

The Files app used to be the file manager, video player, and audio player for Chromebooks. Recently, the team separated the video player and gallery from it. MTP mount support is another step towards making Files app a true file manager.


This should role us to the developer channel for Chrome OS in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Does MTP support include ebook file types, or is it just music/video filetypes. I’d love to be able to hook my PlayBook up to the Chromebook and transfer ebooks from my cloud storage. One less thing I’d have to do on a Windows PC.

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