Chrome OS Can Now Auto Detect Your Time Zone

The next time you set up your Chromebook, it will auto detect your time zone. This was among a bunch of other new features pushed to Chrome OS in the latest developer channel update. Here is a few of them, thanks to François Beaufort.

Auto Detect Time Zone

With the help of  Google Time Zone¹ API, Chrome OS can now auto detect your time zone. That saves me a minute, each time I powerwash my Chromebook.

On a side note, it is interesting to see François Beaufort using “Chrome Device” instead of “Chromebook” on his recent posts.

The Dedicated Video Player

Yes, just like I had told you.

The Video Player embed in the Files App has been converted to a dedicated Video Player Chrome App in the last Chrome OS Dev Update.

This move is mostly about fixing tiny issues that were inherent to the fact that the Video Player was part of the Files App. The good news though is that we get a cool App Icon to identify movies we’re watching.

A few more changes and additions from this release:


  • IME extensions can now supply custom views to the on-screen keyboard
  • An experimental Chrome Extension library named chrome.accessibilityFeatures¹ which lets you manage Chrome’s accessibility features.
  • The chrome.sessions API just got a new Event that fires when recently closed tabs and/or windows are changed in the last chromium build.
  • The awesome Error Console¹ has been enabled by default
  • minimize button has eventually been added to the Files App
  • By pressing the magic <Ctrl> + <Alt> + N keyboard shortcut during Kiosk¹ App Launch, a network config dialog will pop up.


But again, the time zone auto detect is my favorite.


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