Now Search Chrome Apps Menu With First Letters of App Name

The Chrome team has added a neat (bit unconventional) shortcut to search the Chrome apps menu on Chrome and Chrome OS. You can search for an app using the first letters of the words. Here is an example. For Chrome Remote Desktop, you type CRD and you type GPM and you get Google Play Music.

Easy? I thought so!

via François Beaufort. Second screenshot via Google Operating System.

  1. There is a type of search I’ve seen where it will allow for any number of characters in between the typed characters, just those are a lower priority than full word matches to your query.

    Maybe this is just using something similar now? What happens if you search for, say, gdocs? Does it match on Google DOCS? how about “ooleocs”?

  2. I forgot I can test it myself. gdocs matches, ooleocs does not, goodoc does. So it looks like it is only doing it as long as it matches the beginning of a word.

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