Asus Chromebook Prices Leaked – Starting At $260.26 has listed the two upcoming Chromebooks, with most of its specs (we already know that) and the price. Prices start at at$260.26.

Here is what they have posted.

C200MA-DS01 11.6 inch HD N2830 2GB 16GB Chrome Os Only $260.26

That’s your 11.6-inch model, with 2GB RAM, and an attractive price. The second model is slightly bigger and has better configuration.

32G/4G DDR3/13.3IN/BLK

That is a 4GB model with a 13.3-inch screen and a 32GB SSD. The price for this model is listed $333.99.

Now things we already know. A picture, and some specs. There are 2 USB ports and an HDMI port. It has an Intel chip inside (see the Intel Inside sticker?).

From what we already know, this looks like an attractive piece of hardware. So Google, Asus, why the delay?

via Notebook Italia.

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