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Small Things That Matter, A Chrome OS Update

The last Chrome OS update on the development channel was a mixture of small but changes that matter. A smile appeared on the corner of my face ( it didn’t look good btw) while I was scrolling through the updates on François Beaufort’s Google Plus stream.

The Minimize Button is Back

I missed this, seriously. The latest updated has brought it back. So, thank you!

When You Change Volume, Your Hear Something

.. so that you will know how loud it is. It is not just a visual indicator now. Which is good. I am not saying it is the innovation of the year, but it is something that we needed on Chromebooks, just like any other device out there.

App Windows headers are white

Gives them a slight shade of beauty, and also make them look different than Chrome browser windows. Here is how it looks.

New voices on ChromeVox

I am sure there will be a lot of Chrome OS users who will be happy about this. Here is the list of changes:

– Brazilian Portuguese Female
– Korean Female
– Italian Female
– Indian English Female
– US Spanish Female

and improved the existing ones:

– German Female
– GB English Female
– US English Female
– Spanish Female
– French Female

A New Media Player Icons

Here it is 🙂

So, do you agree with me now? Are you smiling too?

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  1. seriously your way to easily impressed, It would be nice to see another over haul update now that more chromebooks that are coming out have more ram and better processors. The always new chromebooks have yet to catch up with old operating systems.

  2. I loved that they added support for Brazilian Portuguese TTS!
    ……the problem is… that it doesn’t work on ARM devices yet. ='(

  3. To be true, i would also want some updates. For example Packeged Apps for Google Drive, Mail, Music, a new Filebrowser and a new Icon.
    More supported files (audio, video, compressed files)
    How about support for unity web player? things like that.
    Ahhh, a new Video Player, just like we had a new Audio Player.

    More options for themes. I don’t like the new black layout of hangouts, google+ photos.
    A chrome remote packeged app. More packeged app in general.
    HMP (ARM big.LITTLE) support to use all 8 cores independently.
    Yeah, such things…

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