Read ePub Ebooks Offline on Your Chromebook

There is this one item in my offline-Chromebook wishlist, long pending. Google Play Books app for offline reading. We do not have such an app yet, but I can share with you today, something closer to that.

If you have downloaded .epub books on your Chromebook, EBook Offline Reader can open them for you, even when you are offline.

There are no options or settings available for this app, for now, you cannot even open an epub file from the app. You have to double click the downloaded file to open it using the app. But it displays the ebook pretty neat.

I will keep looking for a better ebook reader, with some additional options like changing font and font size, etc. If you guys know about anything similar, let me know!

You can try this app from here.

  1. I’m not offline, so I can’t test it, but when you hover over one of your books in Google Play Books there is a checkbox to make it available offline. See this screenshot:

    1. Hmm, I forgot that. But it is still not a full html chrome app… right?

      1. I don’t think so, it is just the web page. I still get confused about the definition of apps in Chrome and Chrome OS. It’s difficult to consider what I once always thought of as a bookmark, as now being considered an “app” in the Chrome Store. Maybe it would be better if they labeled these shortcut “apps” as webapps to distinguish them from native apps like Pixlr Touch Up or Keep.

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