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Google Chrome for Android Might Get a “Canary” Channel

Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Rumor Show. The latest headline is from Chrome for Android. A code commit mentions a new Canary channel for Chrome, for Android. Since Chrome on Android Beta is a separate app itself, we might see this in a similar fashion. If Google is planning to make it available for muggles like us.

What is Canary Channel BTW?

A little intro for those who do not know what Canary is:

Chrome Canary is where the team tests new features before releasing it to the general public. Adventurous folks can install this on their computer without hurting their stable Chrome installation. Since this installs and works like a separate browser, your browsing experience on Chrome is not affected in any way.

It is available for Windows and Mac. Hmm, and there is a Chrome OS version available, but it is not that easy to manage.

Chrome Canary for Android

My friend @tulchin noted this and alerted me about this commit. (Sorry for reporting this late my friend, I was travelling like crazy for the past 48 hours!)

Update devtools to recognize Canary.

and to confirm that we are talking about Android, here is a bit of code:

@@ -103,6 +103,11 @@
“Chrome Dev”
+ “com.chrome.canary”,
+ kChromeDefaultSocket,
+ “Chrome Canary”
+ },
+ {

Now, the question is, will we get to use it, or is it just an internal thing. I already use Chrome for Android Beta on my Android phone (less frequently, I must add) but I am ready to jump ships to the Canary channel if they have any plans to introduce it.

I am sure there are many of you guys who would love to try this out. Right?

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