Yes, More Haswell Chromebooks are Getting Ready

The Chromebook board scene was silent for a while now. There was a time when we saw a lot of activity and tonnes of new boards being added. We saw many of them coming out as Chromebooks. François Beaufort has been dutifully updating us on the code name of each new Chromebook.

Looks like things are not slowing down anytime soon. François Beaufort reports that a new Haswell based board has been added to the list.

The Anglars are a race of fish-people and the primary antagonists of Star Fox Command. But, Anglar is now also a codename for an Intel Haswell Chrome OS board that has just been added to the repository.

You can view the updated code here.

We are just a few months away from Google I/O 2014, the event where they (also) distribute free Chromebooks. There must be a new Chromebook being announced there.

I am hoping for a well designed (like HP Chromebook 11) Haswell Chromebook at a decent price. What about you?

  1. No! I want AMD Chromebooks!

  2. I enjoy using my Samsung Chromebook and am very interested in the future of Chrome OS and devices. So far, Acer seems to be the main player in developing a Chromebook model for just about any user need. I would like to see Samsung introduce a super-Chromebook under $300 and under 3 lbs. with 8-9 hours of battery life, IPS screen, etc. I would even go $325 if they house it in a Titanium case.

  3. I want a medium price chromebook with a 14 inch screen like the HP Chromebook 14 and an atleast quad core processor.

  4. I want a Pixel refresh keeping the 3:2 screen.

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