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Plex’s Android App Updated with Better Chromecast Support

Google Chromecast is picking up really well these days, and I can’t wait to see the new version. Meanwhile, developers and content providers are beefing up their applications, and the latest in this series is Plex. They updated their Android app the other day with few more features for better Chromecast support.

The update makes it possible to  play content in file formats previously unsupported by the dongle, says Engadget:

With the feature, Plex transcodes the content into a new format, allowing it to be played just as if it was natively supported. The app also now supports content mirroring. A first for the Chromecast, with mirroring you can cast a movie synopsis to the big screen while you’re browsing your library to help the group makes a movie night decision. If you pick a high-bitrate 1080p flick from your library, Plex tweaked how content is cast to eliminate “expensive transcoding” and make the process more reliable and efficient than ever before.

That’s news, of course. But I am waiting for Chromecast 2.0!, the big news!

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